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Founded and run by engineers, Janicki Industries designs and builds high-precision parts and tooling for aerospace, marine, wind energy and transportation customers. We specialize in composite materials and exotic metals. Our R&D lab continuously pushes the boundaries of composite fabrication materials and techniques. Customer-needs drive this process. Our proprietary 5-axis CNC machines are unrivaled in scale and precision, with machining envelopes up to 100 feet in length. A full-service engineering company, we specialize in large complex projects with demanding timelines. Using SAP enterprise project management software, we provide customers real-time information regarding project resources, timelines and costs.

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Janicki Industries | About Us - Company History

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Founded as Janicki Machine Design in 1993, the company's first innovation was to introduce machined composites to the marine manufacturing industry. Founder and CEO Peter Janicki’s marine molds were significantly less expensive and faster to produce than the hand lay-up techniques used at the time. Janicki Industries has grown by expanding these composite fabrication and CNC machining capabilities to aerospace, transportation and wind energy markets.

JI’s proprietary 5-axis mills are specifically designed to handle complex, large-scale high-precision projects. The company’s R&D lab continually raises the bar by introducing new composite fabrication materials and techniques. Using experience gained by servicing multiple industries, Janicki Industries applies advanced composite technology to solve any part and tooling problem. The company’s proven ability to innovate in response to customer needs is one of our core capabilities.

Marine, putty pattern

Today Peter Janicki and his brother John Janicki (President of JI) lead a talented team of engineers with advanced degrees in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial design, computer science and chemistry. Production staff is trained and committed to only the highest level of quality at every step. Sophisticated enterprise-wide software system from SAP integrates our business information from sales, to project management, through design and manufacturing, including supplier management and customer support. This ensures that each job is delivered on-time and on-budget. Every step is transparent to the customer in real-time. More than 600 people work at Janicki Industries, advancing state-of-the-art composite fabrication and precision machining to solve the most demanding engineering and manufacturing challenges.

The future holds great promise for Janicki Industries’ continued growth as the demand for strong lightweight materials continues to expand. Whether developing prototype wind blades for green energy companies, or partnering with NASA to create the next generation of manned space vehicles, Janicki Industries continues to push the boundaries of large-scale, precision technical engineering, composite manufacturing and machining in response to customer needs.

Janicki Industries | About Us - Key Personnel

Peter Janicki — Founder and CEO

Peter Janicki - Founder and CEO

Peter Janicki founded Janicki Machine Design in 1993 intending to develop, produce and sell sophisticated computer-driven precision milling machines. To demonstrate the capabilities of his first CNC mill, he took on a project with a key Northwest boat manufacturer. By creating a machined mold for the hull, he saved the customer over $300,000 and weeks of hand labor. Janicki Industries’ innovative machined-composite boat molds have since revolutionized the marine manufacturing industry.

With that demonstration project, Peter realized that fast, highly accurate CNC machining capabilities and composite fabrication could be offered to several growing markets. Aerospace, marine, space, defense and ground transportation industries were ready for large, strong, accurate patterns, molds, tools and prototype parts for boat hulls, airplane fuselages and wings, even parts for space ships. The company name was changed to Janicki Industries in 2001.

Under Peter's direction and vision Janicki Industries has become a global supplier of precision-machined metal and composite tooling. Peter's dedication to perfection has kept company milling technology at state-of-the-art levels with JI’s proprietary 5-axis machines. These machines are among the largest and most precise in the world, with accuracy of ± .003” over a 100 foot long milling envelope.

Peter Janicki’s pioneering spirit continues to push the Janicki team to take on the most demanding engineering challenges. His core belief is that with intelligence and drive, teams can accomplish anything they can imagine. Solving seemingly impossible engineering problems for customers is Peter’s daily mission.

Prior to founding Janicki Industries, Peter was lead design engineer for Electro Impact, Inc. of Seattle, WA. E.I. designed large CNC machines for riveting and assembling aircraft wings and Spars. A native of Skagit County, Peter grew up participating in his family’s successful logging business. Peter earned his B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Notre Dame. His Masters in Mechanical Engineering is from the University of Washington. He is an advisor to the UW Engineering Department.

John Janicki — President

John Janicki - Co-founder and President

John Janicki is President of Janicki Industries. John Janicki has been actively involved in Janicki Industries since its early days. John officially became Vice President of Sales for the company in 1994. He was appointed President in 2008 and is responsible for all JI operations including engineering, production, sales and marketing and administration. John has maintained direct involvement in JI’s aerospace and defense sales activities.

John Janicki holds a Bachelors Degree in Architecture from Notre Dame University. Prior to joining Janicki Industries, John owned Janicki Architects, a firm serving residential, commercial and development clients. John’s experience managing large, complex, multi-million dollar projects has enabled JI to develop one of its core competencies: sophisticated project management.

John Janicki currently serves on the board of the Skagit County Public Facility District. This agency is responsible for funding and building an $18million performing arts center. During the early 1990’s he served on Public Hospital District #304’s board of directors. He is active in the Sedro-Woolley Chapter of Rotary International.

Mike Turner — Chief Financial Officer

Mike Turner — Chief Financial Officer

Mike Turner was appointed Chief Financial Officer in 2014 after our former CFO, Lisa Janicki was elected to Skagit County Commissioner. Mike oversees all JI accounting practices including the accounting department, preparing budgets and financial reports, and directing tax and audit functions. He works with Peter Janicki, John Janicki and the board of directors to develop the company’s long term financial strategy. Prior to his appointment as CFO, Mike worked as Controller and then Chief Accounting Officer at Janicki Industries since 2003. Prior to that he worked as Controller/Treasurer at Seattle Aero (world-wide distributor of aerospace hardware), Vice President, Finance at Interface Management Systems (provider of data processing and programming services) and Group Controller at Optical Radiation Corp (manufacturer of products across many industries including military sales). Mike received his accounting degrees from Chaffey College in Accounting & Mathematics in 1976.

Mike currently serves as Treasurer of Mount Baker Council of the Boy Scouts of America since 2004 and Board Member of Washington State Health Insurance Pool (WSHIP) since 2012.

Janicki Industries | About Us - Community Involvement

At Janicki Industries, community involvement is linked to the Janicki family’s long history in Skagit County. The Janicki family manages multiple businesses in the Skagit Valley including Janicki Industries, Janicki Logging and Construction, and Janicki Energy. The family and its businesses are active volunteers and supporters of local programs such as Habitat for Humanity, United Way, Boy Scouts of America, Sedro-Woolley Community Troop Support, area schools, Soroptimist International and Rotary. Locating Janicki Industries' newest facility in the eastern part of the county was a conscious decision to create jobs and economic opportunities for the people living in that area.

The 4-H Sea-Tech Club members underwater vehicle faced a real-world challenge this year. The mission set by MATE ( Marine Advanced Technology Education) for 2011’s competition simulated capping an exploded oil well, based on the Louisiana-coast disaster of 2010.

Clubs in the program develop remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROV’s) and compete in regional, national and international competitions. This year Skagit County’s Sea-Tech 4-H Club Team Omega qualified to compete in the international competition in Texas. The event is a culmination of months of work designing, fabricating, programming and testing club ROV’s to execute a variety of mission tasks. Sponsored by (MATE), the event encourages students to study science, engineering and technology. The competition uses realistic under water challenges that expose students to many different aspects of marine-related technical skills and occupations. Team Omega fabricated their ROV at Janicki Industries’ composite fabrication facilities in Sedro-Woolley and Hamilton, WA.

Team Janicki Ski to Sea 2011
The historic Ski to Sea Race is a 100 mile relay race of seven different sports: Cross-country skiing, downhill ski or board, running, road cycling, mountain biking, canoeing and kayaking. The race starts on Mount Baker and ends in Bellingham Bay.

The 2011 Ski to Sea race was Team Janicki’s most challenging to date. Will Whiton kicked off the effort, surviving the cross country ski leg, Jimmy Wood turned in a blistering fast time on the snowboard leg, and Mike Wright flew over the 8-mile running leg. Jimi Diedesch started strong in the road bike segment and was holding Team Janicki’s place in the top 100 overall race teams.

Then tragedy struck the first time: a six-inch blow-out in his rear tube put him on the sidelines “a long ways from nowhere” awaiting pick up and transport to hand the baton to paddlers Austin Williamson and Mike Conboy. Once on their way, the canoe team was strong, and John Garland hammered out the 21 mile mountain bike course.

And then Lady Luck tossed a second bad roll of the dice to Team Janicki: late day chop had made Bellingham Bay so dangerous that the Coast Guard shut down kayaking for any who had not launched that final leg in the race. Jon Curtis and Sean Madden were dry-docked. Team Janicki finished 387th, out of 500 registered teams.

Concrete High School's FIRST Tech Challenge Robotics Team received support from Janicki Industries this year.  FIRST - For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology - is a nonprofit organization with a goal of encouraging student interest in science, technology, engineering and math.  In the Tech Challenge, teams use a modular robotics platform to conceive, build and compete in a FIRST-designed game.  Janicki Industries' engineer James Diedesch served as a mentor for the Concrete team.

Janicki Industries | About Us - Environmental Policy

Landscape picture of a house

Janicki Industries is dedicated to reducing the company’s environmental footprint. Our approach is continual improvement to save water, reduce waste, air emissions, noise and material consumption while expanding our production capabilities. Our Environmental Management System is fully compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

Janicki Industries has taken a proactive approach to reducing impacts on neighbors and facility communities. Trees and concrete sound walls are in place to reduce noise impacts. Landscaping at all facilities uses native plants in order to reduce water consumption and lesson the need for petrochemical fertilizers. All buildings are equipped with vent stacks with debris filters and silencers. State-of-the-art dust and ventilation systems are installed in our CNC mills. This allows us to collect dust and re-circulate internal air, leaving fewer opportunities for nuisance odor problems or accidental fume release.

The newest JI manufacturing building, at the Hamilton facility, has numerous green building features. Skylights and clerestory windows add natural light and significantly reduce energy requirements. Automatic zone dimmers respond to human activity, providing lighting on an as-needed basis. Sophisticated air conditioning systems screen out dust and odors, allowing re-use of internal air. This provides heating and cooling energy savings, as well, since conditioned air does not leave the building. Specialized fixtures reduce water consumption throughout the facility. On the Hamilton site, Janicki Industries is actively involved in helping to restore Muddy Creek, a salmon spawning creek that runs through the property. Our policy of using native plants at our facilities helps to create a zone of natural vegetation to protect the stream environment.

Our Hazardous Material Program is fully compliant with all environmental regulations pertaining to composite manufacturing. A trained Spill Response Team stands ready to respond in the unlikely event of hazardous material spills.

Innovative engineering and efficient management of JI resources are key tools as we pursue continual improvement in environmental stewardship.


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