Industrial Parts

Ground Transportation | Fish Tanks | Marine | Architecture | Military Vehicles

Janicki Industries creates tooling and parts for a myriad of industries. For architecture and construction industries, we manufacture top-quality structural elements, wall panel systems, roof panel systems and organic shape features from composite materials. For the transportation industry, we engineer and fabricate patterns, composite, metal tooling and parts for complex shapes like automotive hoods, fenders, RV end caps, train components, and full vehicle bodies. Janicki supplies large plugs, molds, mockups and parts for the marine industry.

  • Extremely large-scale capabilities
  • Infusion and prepreg processes
  • Laminate engineering and structural analysis
  • Prototype and low-volume specialists
  • Production Tooling and Parts
  • Quality plan specific to part requirements

Whether you are building a boat, a bridge, an electric vehicle or a residential roof,  Janicki has the experience, skilled people and equipment to meet your project needs. Our years of composite experience in many industries combined with our team of experts enable us to deliver customer tooling and parts specific to your requirements.