Large scale proprietary 5-axis mills

Reusable energy technologies are advancing at a rapid and competitive pace. Janicki’s large scale proprietary 5-axis mills, huge factory capacity and 20+ years of composite manufacturing experience enable us to design and build composite tooling and parts for Wind, Wave, Tidal, Current and Ocean Thermal energy systems.


Janicki Industries designs and manufactures windmill blade tooling, molds and blades. We have demonstrated experience delivering components from 5m – 60m. Tooling is made of composite materials and may contain elaborate heating and cooling elements.


Janicki leverages our collective experience in both marine and energy industries to design and build composite and metallic parts to survive this demanding environment. Janicki understands the unique challenges of the ocean environment and the need to reduce costs in the emerging wave energy market. Janicki has produced the large scale hybrid composite devices necessary to capture wave energy.

Tidal & Current

Whether your project involves traditional underwater turbine blades, underwater kites, surface screws or run-of-the-river converters our extensive composites knowledge and capabilities are well suited.

Ocean Thermal

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) is a system of components that uses the differences in ocean water temperatures to produce electricity. Surface waters are warmer than cooler deep waters. Janicki brings knowledge and experience from the Marine Industry and Renewable Energy Industry to design and build tooling and components that can survive the harsh ocean environment and efficiently produce electricity.