Janicki Industries Metrology TechnologyJanicki Industries uses the most sophisticated metrology measurement equipment and processes available. The Leica and Metris radar equipment and computer programs we use deliver accuracies to better than ±.003 inches.

  • Accurate measurements to better than ±.003″
  • 3D computer models of existing molds and parts
  • Reverse engineering
  • Precision metrics for relocating, leveling and assembling multiple-part tooling
  • Laser-tracking inside milling envelopes for enhanced precision

Janicki Industries metrology team members are available for contract work at your facility.


Laser Trackers

Instrument Make / Model
Leica / LTD600 SN 1288
Leica / AT901-LR SN 3462
Leica / AT901-LR SN 3645
Leica / AT401 SN 391204
Leica / AT960 SN 750421
API / Radian SN 60314
FARO / Vantage SN V01001401405425

Leica / LTD800 SN 1581
Leica / AT901-LR SN 3335
Leica /AT401 SN 390792
Leica / AT960-LR SN 750277

Leica / AT901-LR SN 3812
Leica / AT901-LR SN 3816
Leica / AT901-LR SN 4744
Leica / AT402 SN 392657
Leica / AT960 SN 750445

Laser Radars

Nikon / M260 SN 5358

Nikon / M260 SN 4295
Nikon / M260 SN 6108

Our highly-trained metrology team dedicates itself to exceeding set criteria on the most demanding jobs.

On-location Services

On-site Metrology Services

  • JI metrology team members are available for contract work at your facility.
  • On-site metrology for your most demanding measurement challenges
  • Training and consultation services for your in-house team
  • Cost-effective: JI provides state-of-the-art equipment
  • On-demand to meet your scheduling needs