Janicki is well-equipped for manufacturing large-scale, precise composite and metallic structures. We own a variety of machining, welding, forming, curing, fabrication, measurement and inspection equipment.

Janicki 5-Axis Mills

Janicki has ten proprietary 5-axis mills that are unrivaled in scale and precision, with machining envelopes up to 100 feet long. Our internally developed CNC software provides unprecedented accuracy, making the mills well-suited for high-tolerance work like aerospace tools and parts.

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Production Autoclave

Autoclave pressure and heat for high-temp composite fabrication

  • Diameter: 12 feet
  • Length: 50 feet
  • Pressure: 150 psi
  • Max load: 50,000 lbs
  • Temperature: 550ºF
  • Baseline Requirements:
    • BAC5621
    • D6-49327

Lab Autoclave

  • 500°F/260°C
  • 150psi/10.5Kg/cm
  • 30in/.76m diameter, 36in/.91m deep

1,100 Ton Press

Janicki offers custom forming for your complex metallic projects. Our 1,100 Ton Forming Press is one of the largest in the United States and specializes in the forming of double-curved panels. Our operators are experienced and ready to meet your metal forming needs. The press is suitable for bending, stretching and rolling. This combination of three functions makes the press extremely universal.


  • 1,100 Tons of Pressing Capacity
  • Synchronized Automatic Tooling Rotation
  • Integrated Cranes
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) System
  • Stabilization Dampers
  • Cylindrical and Convex Rollers
  • Variety of Stamps and Dies


  • Forming up to 3” Thick
  • Maximum Width = 10’
  • Maximum Length = 40’
  • Efficient Cold Forming: Rolling, Spot Stretching and Bending techniques in a single press
  • Complex curvature
  • Tight tolerances
  • Quality Inspection Reports
  • Internally developed forming  macro enables optimization of break-line density

Other Equipment

Complete set of Machine Tools

  • Haas SL-20 CNC lathe
  • Republic Lagun RL014X40 manual lathe
  • Mazak VTC-300C vertical mill
  • Bridgeport EZVISION mill
  • Mitsubishi MHT – 1618 Horizontal Boring Mill

CNC Waterjet Cutters

  • Ward 2-Axis Waterjet
    • 12ft x 40ft x 10in/3.4m x 12m x 25cm
  • Flow 2-Axis Waterjet
    • 6ft x 12ft x 10in/1.8m x 3.4m x 25cm


CNC Router

  • Komo Router 3-axis
  • 5ft x 10ft x 12.5in/1.5m x 3.1m x 3.8m

Zimmermann 5-Axis CNC Mill

The Zimmermann Mill is a 5-Axis CNC Milling machine with a gantry structure and vertical spindle orientation. Its rotation speed is up to 25,000 RPM, feed rate of 787 inches per minute (IPM) and a 24-bit tool changer. This 5-Axis CNC milling machine is well suited for the milling services we do to produce aerospace structures like stringers, frames, bulkheads and skins.

Its travel spans are:

X-Axis Travel 248 inches
Y-Axis Travel 132 inches
Z-Axis Travel 59 inches
Its part envelope is:

X-Distance 866 inches
Y-Distance 355 inches
Z-Distance 217 inches
Overall Accuracy is:

0.002 inches

Zimmermann FZH400 5-Axis CNC Mill

This Zimmermann Mill is a 5-Axis CNC horizontal Mill with an automatic pallet changer, Automatic Tool Changer for up to 72 tools, laser tool setter, dust extraction system, spindle probe and vacuum system. Its rotation speed is up to 24,000 RPM utilizing a 47 HP motor with a torque of 30-ft-lbs. This Zimmermann mill is highly proficient for producing aerospace, fly-away parts made of carbon fiber materials.

Its part envelope is:

X-Distance 161.4 inches
Y-Distance 62.9 inches
Z-Distance 25.5 inches
Max part size: 160”x60”x25”
Overall Accuracy is: 0.002 inches

American GFM

American GFM US-50 3D Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

  • 6-Axis Ultrasonic 3D Cutter
  • Max cutting zone 72′′ x 145′′
  • Dust free profiling
  • Precision cutting accuracy
  • Clean finish surface

Large Robot Machine Image

Genesis Non-destructive Testing (NDT) 115 Equipment Robotic Inspection Workcell

  • Non-destructive testing and inspection of complex composite aircraft parts
  • Inspection Work cell 12’ x 40’
  • Ultrasonic multi-frequency Pulse-Echo (PE) and Thru-Transmission (TTU) Scanning

Doosan CM51 Chip Form Mill

Doosan VM 960L Vertical Machine Center

  • Long-Term, High-Accuracy, Superior-Finishes
  • 95” x 38” x 32” Travel Distance
  • 630 Inches Per Minute
  • 9,920 lb. max load
  • 6,000 RPM

Man working on NHX5000

DMG Mori NHX 5000

  • Full 4-axis milling
  • 28” x 28” x 34” Travel Distance
  • 2362 ipm rapid traverse / 1G acceleration
  • 15,000 RPM

(X x Y x Z)
1 Republic-Lagun 1440 Manual Turning Lathe Large Chuck Max Part Size:
14″ OD x 3″ Long
Small Chuck Max Part Size:
Combinations up to 9″ OD x 34″ long
8P: 1,000
4P 2,000
2 Haas SL20 CNC Turning Lathe Max Part Size:
10.3″ OD x 20″ long
Min Part Size:
0.06″ OD x 0.5″ long
4,000 20 Tool touch setter,
magazine bar feeder
(max stock OD is 2″)
3 Bridgeport Manual 3-Axis Mill 26″ x 9″ x 8″ 2,000 2 500
4 Doosan VM 960L CNC 3-Axis Mill 90″ x 34″ x 23″ 6,000 20 9,000 Tool touch setter
5 Mazak VTC-300C CNC 3-Axis Mill with
Optional 4th Axis Rotary
62″ x 27″ x 18″ 12,000 25 3,000 Tool touch setter,
Optional 4th Axis Rotary
6 DMG Mori NHX 5000 CNC 4-Axis
Horizontal Mill
26″ x 26″ x 26″ 15,000 24.7 350 Tool touch setter,
Spindle Probe
7 Mistubishi M-HT1416B CNC 4-Axis
Horizontal Mill
75″ x 56″ x 39″ 1,900 30 5,000
8 Mazak Variaxis i800 CNC 5-Axis Mill 26″ x 31″ x 14″ 10,000 40 2,000 Tool touch setter,
Spindle Probe


  • 400°F/204°C modular oven – 100ft x 24ft x 14ft/30m x 7m x 4m
  • 500ºF/260°C modified Despatch oven – 30ft x 10ft x 10ft/9m x 3m x 3m
  • 250ºF/121°C – 40ft x 20ft x 10ft/12m x 6m x 3m
  • Multiple modular tent ovens
  • 2 Wisconsin ovens – 500°F/260°C
  • 2 testing ovens – 500°F/260°C

Annealing Furnace

  • 1600°F/871°C
  • 72ft x 24ft x 11ft/22m x 7m x 3.4m
  • Heat distribution delta T 35°F/19.4°C
  • Semi-truck accessible
  • Modular for expansion to 108ft/33m

Weld Tools

  • Eight modular weld tables can be configured as needed
  • Each table 18ft x 18ft/5.5m x 5.5m
  • Surfaces laser tracked for accuracy (±.02in/.05cm)
  • Two 25 ton/22.6 metric ton capacity cranes in Invar shop
  • 4 Fronius push/pull pulsed GMAW welding machines
  • Lincoln and Miller welding machines
  • Tube and pipe pinch/bend machine

AWS Certified Processes For:

  • GMAW-P Invar36*
  • GTAW Invar36*
  • GTAW Aluminum Alloy 6061 and other M23 alloys
  • GMAW Aluminum Alloy 6061 and other M23 alloys
  • FCAW steel
  • GMAW steel
  • FCAW stainless steel

*Invar welding processes certified per AWS D1.1 standards

Laser Trackers

  • Leica LTD 500
  • Leica LTD 600
  • Leica LTD 800
  • 5 – Leica AT901-LR Absolute Trackers
  • Leica T-Cam/T-Probe
  • 5 – Leica T-Cam/T-Probe II

Laser Radar Scanners

  • Metris L260
  • 2 – Metris M 260