Janicki Industries specializes in manufacturing architectural domes using Advanced Composite Materials (ACM). ACMs are a fiberglass resin systems that weigh a fraction of what similar products would weigh in concrete, steel, aluminum or other metal. Composites are ten time stronger than concrete, metal, wood or aluminum. An additional advantage is the inherent translucent properties, which allow light transmission to be incorporated into the dome structural at no additional cost. Our composite dome material is fiberglass infused with resin that can be painted to give it nearly any desired look or texture. Composite materials are ideal for domes because composites can be adapted to any shape or style. Composites are organic. Composites are strong, light-weight and a cost effective solution to architectural domes. And composites are weather resistant and non-corrosive. Domes made from composites and finished with your favorite paint color, may last decades before repainting is needed.

Janicki is fully capable of building your most innovative architectural domes, plates, beams, facades, bridges or other building feature. Imagine the endless possibilities. No matter what the size, Janicki can design and build it for you using our large-scale facilities and high precision 5-Axis mills (100’X20’), and large autoclave (12’X50’).

Our President is an Architect. He knows composites are the future for creative and stylish buildings of the future. We have extensive experience using many composite systems. Our 100% in-house capability for engineering and architecture design, analysis, project management and composite manufacturing enables Janicki to be a one-stop, lean enterprise supplier for architectural domes, spheres and building needs.

You imagine it.  We will build it.