Janicki Industries supports NASA with many projects delivering both production tooling and fly-away parts.  The Mass Volume Isolator (MVI) was designed by NASA Langley and fabricated in collaboration with Janicki.  The MVI is a large diaphragm made of carbon fiber composite material, is 16.5 feet in diameter, and was cured out-of-autoclave (OOA).  It weighs 340 lbs.  The Janicki team received a notable congratulations and group achievement award from NASA for developing and delivering the MVI.  The diaphragm is the largest OOA carbon fiber flight hardware ever built by NASA.

Thanks for the accuracy and on-time delivery Janicki did for us.”   Quote from Kevin Rivers Manager NASA – Langley

Mass_Volume_Isolator    ORION LAS MSAD Poster 30x40in v3 (2)