Janicki Industries provides machining services to the Commercial Aerospace, Military, and Space Exploration markets.  The Janicki facility in Layton Utah is a world-class facility built to support the trim and drill of composite parts and the machining of complex metallic structures.  Our proprietary 5-axis milling machines and machining software combined with real-time health monitoring using the latest in laser metrology hardware allow for certainty that parts will be machined within the tight tolerances of today’s high-performance aerospace world.  Automated processes eliminate human error, allowing for unparalleled precision and repeatability.  Machining programs at the Janicki Utah facility exceed 99% on-time deliveries and 99% zero-defect.

Trim & Drill

F-35 Wings and Fuselage Panels

Commercial Aerospace, Military and Space Exploration Machining Services

  • Production Trim and Drill of F-35 Wing Skins and Fuselage Panels
  • Production Trim and Drill of next-generation commercial aerospace Fuselage Stiffeners
  • Trusted partner for low-volume or one-off prototype parts
  • Experience with the most common composite laminates including carbon-epoxy and carbon-bmi

Complex Metallic Structures

Starliner Lower Dome Machining

Milling of the Lower Dome consisted of over 1,500 pockets that were machined using highly precise 5-Axis mills while removing over 90% of the material from the aluminum formed blank.
Press Release

Milling Orion Forward Bulkhead

  • 246 lb part from a 5,000 lb Aluminum Blank
  • As-Built Features Better Than +\- 0.0025”
  • 8 weeks machining time

Janicki Industries built facilities at Layton, Utah that are dedicated to the trim & drill of highly accurate parts made of composites and metals.  This facility is 100,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space with three large 5-Axis mills, and a metrology lab.  It is staffed with experienced engineers and experts fabricators.  We are ready to provide solutions to our customer’s largest challenges.

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