Employee Stories: Bryan, Program Manager

Bryan FishingBryan has worked for Janicki for the last 20 years. He manages Janicki’s marine programs and teams in Washington. During his extensive time with Janicki, Bryan worked his way up through various engineering positions to his current role.

Bryan discovered Janicki while studying industrial technology with a specialization in vehicle design at Western Washington University in 2001. Janicki developed mold tooling for the vehicle research institute where he studied. After graduating, Bryan applied for a role as a composites engineering technician and joined Janicki shortly after.

Bryan spent time fabricating composite face sheets, layups and infusions on the production floor. This manufacturing background helped him grow into a new role as a tooling designer, where he used CAD software to design tooling for marine, renewable energy, and aerospace projects. He then began leading engineering teams and eventually became a program manager.

Bryan has worked on many exciting projects at Janicki. One of his favorite projects was the BMW Oracle sailing trimaran, USA-17. Bryan and his team designed and manufactured USA-17’s tooling.

At the time, the ship had the world’s tallest mast ever built, standing at 180 feet, and was also one of the fastest boats due to its unique composite design. In 2010, USA-17 won the America’s Cup. The win gave Bryan a sense of immense pride in the project.

As marine program manager, Bryan oversees tooling, parts and assembly programs. These products are incorporated into small recreational vessels, 100-foot-plus yachts, and even uncrewed marine vehicles. He works closely with his teams to create custom solutions for each customer.

“The best part of my job is seeing my team come together to solve a complicated problem and complete the task successfully,” said Bryan. “It’s a great feeling of achievement and something to celebrate.”

Bryan can be found fishing on his boat and exploring the Washington coast when not at work. Fishing is a popular hobby among the marine team, and Bryan often invites fellow Janicki team members along. Amazingly, his passion for the water finds its way into his everyday job.

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