Employee Stories: Tandra, Buyer/Planner

Tandra standing on tank
Tandra was only seventeen when she received a call from an Air Force recruiter who explained the exciting military career opportunities. Despite having just started college, Tandra became increasingly interested in the military after hearing stories from her friends who had returned from boot camp. In 1996, she decided to trade in her cheerleading uniform for combat boots and enlisted in the Air Force.

After completing her boot camp training, Tandra chose logistics as her job and started her career in the military. The Air Force took Tandra around the world, including tours to Turkey, Germany, Iraq, and Hawaii.

Tandra worked on various tasks, from ordering airplane parts to running security on a runway. “I loved the challenge of the jobs,” says Tandra. “Every day was different, and you never knew what each day would hold.”
Tandra working at Janicki
In 2008, Tandra left the Air Force and moved from Hawaii to Washington with her family. She then joined the Washington Air National Guard. While serving in the reserves in 2012, Tandra posted her resume online. She received a call from Janicki, who asked her to come in for an interview. Tandra was hired and worked in Janicki’s transportation, materials, and purchasing departments.

“After 11 years, I still love my job,” says Tandra. “I enjoy working at Janicki because of my coworkers. I work with many wonderful, professional people, and I appreciate being in a role where I can learn and train almost daily.”

We are grateful for her service to our country and the experience she brings to our teams.

Janicki is committed to hiring active-duty service members, veterans, and reservists transitioning to civilian work. Learn more at www.janicki.com/veterans.