Employee Stories: Nick, EHS Site Manager

Nick’s early years are a testament to his determination and free spirit. He chose to leave high school before graduating, embarking on journeys across Washington. At the age of 18, he drove his car until it ran out of gas, then sold it to buy camping equipment. For several months, he traversed the country, spending nights on the side of the road and hitchhiking during the day.

Nick later returned to Washington, where he met his wife, Leslie, and began working in the boatbuilding industry. His work involved fabricating vessels, mainly installing electrical and mechanical systems. Between projects, Nick and Leslie moved around Washington and Oregon, spending time together and traveling when they could. During that time, he acquired his GED and later returned to get his high school diploma.

Nick, his dog and wife Leslie smiling on a hike

Nick with his dog and wife, Leslie, on a hike.

In 2011, they moved to Sedro-Woolley, Washington, to help Nick’s parents with house projects and look for new boat-building job opportunities in nearby Anacortes. However, the job market was tough, so he applied at a temp agency and got a temporary production technician position at Janicki.

Janicki quickly recognized his potential and hired him as a full-time employee. Working alongside some of the company’s most skilled employees, Nick honed his mold fabrication, layup and infusion skills. In 2012, he was promoted to production lead in mold fab. He then headed the core production team for a new aerospace program. Despite the challenges, Nick’s team consistently delivered exceptional results.

Nick’s attention to detail and problem-solving capabilities were recognized, and in 2015, he transitioned into a millwright maintenance manager and, in 2017, over to an operations support specialist role. Through those positions, Nick solved many challenges related to the company’s growth by identifying and improving processes.

In operations support, Nick recognized the pressing need for improvement in the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) department and worked with the team to create ideas for improvements and help implement them. He was eventually asked to move full-time into EHS to support restructuring the department.

Nick attended many trainings, including extensive OSHA 501 courses through the University of Washington, First Aid, CPR and AED Instructor training through the Red Cross, Ergonomics CEPS through Ergology, and other classes and certifications. Nick and the growing EHS team developed several new programs and training to provide focus-based knowledge depending on the employee’s needs.

“I felt if we aimed to implement safety through relationships, overall safety would improve. I didn’t want people to see safety as an officer on the floor that everybody scatters from, but as a resource that people want to come to for support,” stated Nick. “With our training combined with an incredible team, the EHS department became a valuable resource.”

Employees with safety shirts posing

Nick posing with crews wearing Janicki safety shirts.

Thanks to Nick and the team’s unwavering dedication, Janicki has witnessed a significant decrease in sprains, strains, trips, falls, cuts and other recordable injury rates. Today, Janicki proudly boasts some of the best safety metrics in the industry. Currently serving as an EHS site manager in Hamilton, WA, Nick continues to drive our safety initiatives forward, ensuring a safe and secure work environment for all.

“Janicki is full of very smart people. Without their continual support and direction, I would not have had the success I have experienced here,” said Nick. “Janicki is great about recognizing the potential of their employees and helping them develop.”

Along with his EHS role, wellness events and other activities, Nick has also taken on developing a school partnership program to provide opportunities for the youth in the Skagit County community to succeed. He is also the main guide for school tours of the Hamilton facilities.

“Janicki is writing their own story and taking part in even a few chapters of it has been such a blessing to my life,” stated Nick.

Outside of work, Nick and his wife continue to travel regularly. They recently visited Florida and have plans to go to Hawaii next. He also enjoys hiking and spending time with his church’s community. We’re excited to see where his travels and career at Janicki take him next!

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